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We would like to invite you to “Join Us For Worship” at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Boscobel, WI. We are looking for new ways to spread God’s word and better understand God’s plan for us through worship, discussion, music, and friendship. We continually strive to reach out to all of God’s children, both young and old, in our methods of worship while still maintaining a true respect for God, humanity, nature, and the gift of the earth itself.

Please “Join Us For Worship” and bring your experiences, talents, and ideas to help make St. John’s Lutheran Church a means by which others may further their faith in a warm and loving spiritual environment.

Sunday Worship Services:

Join us for worship service at 9:00 AM each Sunday. All are welcome to join us following service for fellowship time where we enjoy refreshments and conversation.

Please take the time to share your worship experience and interact with fellow Christians by liking and commenting on our Facebook page.

Be sure to watch for our special music worship services coming up over the next few months at St. John’s
Lutheran Church in Boscobel, WI.

What’s New:

St. John’s will soon be videotaping Worship Service and making them available for viewing on both Youtube and on our Facebook page. A direct link from this site will allow you to watch these services from home or other remote locations. We hope that in the event you are not able to join us for worship in person, you will still be able to share in God’s message for the day and know that you are cherished member of our St. John’s Family.

We are also looking to form a group of young Christians, teens and young adults, interested in filming their own interpretation of the pastor’s Sunday sermon. What message did they get from it?  What questions do they have after hearing it?  How will this change the way they live their lives week to week?

Progress with the formation of this group and its success will be posted on our Facebook page as well.